Welcome to The Wildcat, the official digital newspaper of the Wheatley School! Since Wheatley’s conception, The Wildcat has always been the official publication of the school aside from the period it was known as The Freecat. Recently, the paper has seen some changes, shifting from print to digital and bringing in promising new reporters. If you would like to submit your work to The Wildcat, fill out a contact form or email us at wildcat@ewsdmail.org. 


Wildcat Editors:

Co Editor-in-Chiefs: Divya Singh and Leah Varghese

Faculty Advisor: Andrew Ardito

Editorial Policy:

As Wheatley’s school newspaper, The Wildcat encourages the entire Wheatley community to voice opinions publicly. Reactions to issues or editorials in this publication will be published as letters to the editor, subject to the approval of The Wildcat’s editorial board, the faculty advisor and principal. The Wildcat reserves the right to edit, correct spelling and mechanical errors in and exclude obscene or libelous material from all articles. Letters to the editor can be emailed to wildcat@ewsdmail.org. Even if a justifiable reason is given for the exclusion of names, all names must be included. 

Awards and Accolades: