6 Fina-licious Memes

Mr. Fina is Wheatley’s computer science genius and longtime programmer. When I was chosen to write this feature, I was beyond ecstatic to have them published as a unique homage to him for all that he has done for my peers and I. He has been the person that we can talk to about our challenges, whether it was about computer science or not. He is one of the smartest people I know, never failing to answer any question I have asked him. Beyond that, he has always been there for us, quite literally; he gets to school before us and leaves much after us. Although a feature article may have been a better way to recognize him, it would be too generic. No matter the length, it would not be able to fully convey Fina’s value to his students. This feature needed to be as unique and as amazing as him. Hope you enjoy the memes!




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