Healthiest Ways to Start Your Morning

It’s true most of us hate waking up in the morning and are just wishing we could stay in bed for a little longer. It’s probably the hardest part of the day. But, if you follow certain routines every morning, your mood can actually improve. Not only will you be following a healthier lifestyle, but you will have a more positive outlook on your day. In addition, by having a better mood, you will feel more motivated and be able to accomplish more. Small changes in your morning routine will have amazing effects on your mind and body.

Immediately after getting out of bed, try meditating for a few minutes. Meditation is a practice that will help you live in the moment and focus on one specific thing. Learning to properly meditate is a process that will take time, but continually meditating will help your well-being. Taking a few moments to meditate will improve your focus, limit stress, improve memory and boost creativity. A few great meditation apps you should try are Headspace and Calm. They both focus on deep breathing and have a variety of relaxing music to play. If meditation is too difficult to do at the beginning, you can try yoga. Yoga will put you in a calm state like meditation does, and you can transition into mediation when you feel ready. Doing only five minutes a day of meditation or yoga will force you to stay focused during that short period of time.

Immediately after getting out of bed, try meditating for a few minutes.

Another change you can make, which is very simple, is to start your day by drinking a large glass of lemon water. Drinking a sixteen-ounce glass of water with only a few drops of lemon in it is recommended.  Some benefits include fresher breath, waking up faster and reducing feelings of hunger. If you haven’t already tried this, then you definitely need to as soon as possible.

Making your bed daily will have a positive effect on your mornings as well. Many of us tend to run out of the door and forget to do this, but this is something you should do. Completing this simple act helps to make you feel like you have accomplished a task. Even though this is very small, it will encourage you to complete more tasks throughout the day.

Starting your day by listening to some music will put you in a positive and uplifting mood. While getting ready for the morning, play music that is both relaxing and inspiring. Studies have shown that listening to music prior to high-pressure situations will enhance performance. This is perfect for you to do before a stressful day of school or work. Also, music makes a lot of people just feel happier. Beginning your day in a happy and joyful mindset is the best way to have a great day.

Lastly, eating breakfast is a crucial part of your morning. For those of you who disregard this meal, you shouldn’t do this any longer. Breakfast is easily the most important of the day. Even if you don’t have a ton of time in the morning, grabbing something to eat is very important. There are so many options that are tasty and quick to eat on the go. Blend together some fruits and milk to make yourself a delicious smoothie. A berry smoothie is perfect to bring to school and will satisfy your hunger. If you need something even quicker try eating some kind of nut or cereal bar in the morning. They will give you a good source of energy especially the KIND Breakfast Bars and RXBARS. These bars are high in protein and are very tasty as well.

These changes in your morning will definitely add time to how long it takes you to get ready. However, they will definitely make your day more productive and efficient. Waking up about ten to fifteen minutes earlier each day will give you the time you need to do all of these things. These routines will help to develop a consistent pattern of good days for you and make you feel differently when starting each day.

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