Book Review: Shatter Me

Do you ever just want to sit down and be transported into another world full of people and places you have never seen before? Places and sights that you could only ever dream of? You’re exhausted from hours of homework and just need a way to escape from reality? Shatter Me by Tahereh Mafi, is just the thing. Shatter Me is an outright amazing tale that will take your breath away.

Shatter Me is about a sweet compassionate girl who is anything but a monster. Although, that isn’t what others see. While Juliette is a fairly kind person who wouldn’t hurt a fly, she carries with her a curse that forces her isolate herself from all humanity. By touching them with her bare hands, she is sapping the human life source directly from their body, damaging them with an internal pain that lets loose a forceful scream piercing throughout the room.  The way she feels afterward is as if a wave crashed above her head then forced her down with it. She never saw it coming and was forever changed afterward. She doesn’t mean or want to harm them, but cannot stop the evidential fate that occurs when she exchanges one single touch.  She is feared by many and told she is a harm to society and herself. She is considered to be like a monster, a weapon. She is a loaded gun, ready to shoot, but people underestimate the kindness inside of her that holds her back from shooting.  She is a prisoner in this world, but what would happen if she escaped?

As much as this book takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions, you will honestly find yourself laughing, crying, and overall enjoying the plot altogether. The imagery and description Mafi provides allows you to see into the world she’s dreamt up. With all of the spectacular details, you can clearly see the description neatly carried with each and every word. The mood transports you into an area where there is no time and space but only the activities and events taking place. You are no longer reading a book, but watching each and every action take place, feeling the emotions of the characters, connected with each other by a single sentence. Once sentence can change their life, and you are now connected to them through this special bond of human emotion and empathy. Because this is no longer a story, but a fact. And you no longer can deny that you have felt no pain when they were hurting, felt no sadness when they were all alone, because Tahereh Mafi has found a way to tear at our heartstrings through this enlightening and breathtaking tale. I was personally not able to put the book down and found trouble in taking a break from reading. Once you start to journey throughout this world, you will never want to stop. I have never before read a book that gives so much emotion and humanity in a single page, and with every part of ink in that book, I guarantee it’s amazing.

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