Dunkin Donuts is Done With the Artificial Dyes

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Dunkin Donuts, an American donut and coffee company, has been one of the most popular companies since it was founded in 1950. This is because of its variety of donut flavors and great coffee roasts. With a endless variety of donuts, coffees, desserts, frozen drinks, and sandwiches, it’s not a surprise that Dunkin Donuts is such a well-liked company! The company’s most favored food item are their delicious and colorful donuts.

Recently the company announced its new effort to eliminate the artificial dyes in their donuts. They started this effort as a New Year’s resolution for the company and will be making this change throughout 2018. The company states their goal in this change was to “offer the guests simpler ingredients and a cleaner menu label.” On their website, they state their goal was to figure out a way to keep the same flavor and color variety but eliminate the dyes. Even though it’s more expensive and difficult to continually produce, they are replacing the artificial dyes with naturally derived ones. Since they already made the change to their donuts, their are expanding on this idea by aiming removing the dyes from donut fillings, toppings, frozen drinks, and coffee flavorings.

The elimination of artificial dyes will appeal to customers because it reduces the many health disadvantages. Synthetic dyes have been found to cause damage to organs, allergies, insomnia, chromosomal damage, and thyroid tumors. It is also known to cause behavioral issues in children, learning issues, and is linked to ADHD. The most popular dyes that are used today are Yellow 5, Yellow 6 and Red 40, which contain harmful compounds which led to cancer and lymphoma.

Dunkin Donuts is not the first company to make this adjustment to their menu. Companies such as General Mills, which makes cereals such as Trix, Cocoa Puffs, and Lucky Charms have already made this change. Other large food corporations such as Panera, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and Nestle have joined this movement as well. In addition, Baskin Robbins, the sister brand to Dunkin Donuts is removing synthetic dyes from their ice cream sold in-store and at retail locations. As obesity and unhealthy eating become a more apparent issue, it’s crucial to try to eat foods with natural colors and flavors. Hopefully there will additional companies that join this mission to produce simple and real products!

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