5 Memorable Moments from the Winter Pep Rally!

On Friday, February 2nd Wheatley students gathered in the gym for the Winter Sports Pep Rally! An event organized by the Student Senate, the Pep Rally introduced the sports teams and featured a few performances by these teams. Many students participated in winter sports this year, and the school was able to see all of the athletes. The Wheatley Wildcat, our mascot, paraded around the gym, pumping up the Wheatley students. This has become an annual event that leads up to the Showdown festivities! Here are some of the most memorable parts of the Pep Rally:

#1: The National Anthem

The Pep Rally began with a performance of the national anthem, sung beautifully by ninth grader, Kaileigh Fiorillo. Kaileigh’s rendition was a powerful and beautiful arrangement of the national anthem. Kaileigh is a former winner of Wheatley Idol and has participated in Wheatley’s Got Talent as well as school musicals. Wheatley students were very eager to hear Kaileigh sing! Everyone was excited for the Pep Rally to begin after her breathtaking performance.


#2: The Teams

As always, the team captains introduced their teams to the school and this year the inter-winter sports team introductions were very entertaining. The Varsity teams that were introduced this season were the Girl’s and Boy’s Fencing teams, Girl’s and Boy’s Track teams, the Girl’s Cheer Team, Girl’s Dance Team and the Girl’s and Boy’s Basketball Teams. Captains for each of these sports came up and introduced the members of their teams. The captains on the Girl’s and Boy’s Basketball Teams came up with many clever and hilarious nicknames for the players on their team.


#3: The Cheer Performance

The Cheer Team performed one of their most-spirited routines during the pep rally. The Cheer team is made up of girls from grades 9-12. Throughout the performance, every girl showed great spirit with a huge smile on their face. Their routine incorporated many difficult tricks, as well as fierce dance moves and a very peppy cheer. Also, with the popular songs such as “No Promises” by Demi Lovato and “We’re All in This Together” from High School Musical in their routine, the performance kept all students involved and excited. It was clear that their coach, Cristina Beckers, and all of the girls on the team devoted much time working on this routine.


#4: The Jazz Band

The Jazz Band is always a great addition to the Pep Rallies held by our school. They performed many famous hits throughout the Pep Rally. The Jazz Band, led by conductor, Mr. Fitzko, entertained the crowd during the assembly. The Jazz Band is a select ensemble of Jazz musicians with instruments such as the bass clarinet, baritone saxophone, tenor saxophone, trumpet, drums, baritone and the electric guitar. A few of the songs they performed included, “Uptown Funk”, “Eye of the Tiger”, and “Play that Funky Music”.


#5: The Girls Varsity Dance Team

Seniors Eliana Davidoff, Hunter Schore and Emily Freud introduced the Girl’s Varsity Dance Team. The team then concluded the Pep Rally by performing a creative and lively number. Their routine was extremely impressive and included intricate choreography. The girl’s danced to many bold and upbeat songs by artists such as Selena Gomez, Beyonce, and Rihanna. All of the dancers performed with a fierce attitude and are clearly enthusiastic about performing for a crowd. The large team is made up of freshmen, sophomores, juniors and many seniors. After this performance, all are excited to see this talented team perform again!




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