NYC’s Newest Food Trend: Milk and Cream Cereal Bar

Milk and cereal: a timeless combination that is one of America’s favorite breakfasts.  Though what would happen if the milk was ice cream instead? Well that is what is happening at Milk and Cream Cereal Bar in New York City.

In order to find this newest food mashup one must travel into the depths of Chinatown,though walking down Mott Street Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 2.37.19 PMnear the shop, one can be concerned that they are in the wrong place.  While none of the signs around Milk and Cream Cereal Bar are in English, you can catch yourself aimlessly roaming around the area. However, it is easy to spot the store once you feel like you have walked forever, by the iconic white and light blue front.  Once inside you will be greeted by the parlor’s cheerful and trendy decor with cereal signs all around.

The concept of Milk and Cream Cereal Bar is relatively simple: ice cream and cereal mixed together using a machine that blends everything.  Here a customer can get an ice cream swirl (in a cup or one of their colorful cones), a milkshake, or cereal bowl. You then choose from a variety of cereals to mix in (some choices include Cookie Crisp, Rice Krispies, Apple Jacks, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch) with their ice cream (a choice of vanilla or cookie dough).  If that was not enough, you then get the choice of toppings ranging from chocolate chips to strawberries. Though if that still does not meet your expectations you can get one of Milk and Cream Cereal Bar specials which include an extra heaping of cereal and toppings with flavors such as cookies and cream, banana cream, or chocolate cocoa crunch.

After you get your ice cream, it’s time to sit and enjoy the ice cream (after taking of photo of it of course).  Milk and Cream Cereal Bar has some of the most trendy decor around with hanging succulents and tile walls, perfect to take a picture of your food and make all of your friends jealous that they did not come with you.


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