Varsity Girls Softball

By Emma Blennau

Have people ever told you that softball “isn’t a real sport”? That all the players do is stand around? People assume that this is what happens at a Wheatley Varsity Softball game, right? Yet, with balls flying left and right, and bats being swung furiously, I can’t see how that could ever be true! Walking through the locker room as the Wheatley Varsity Softball team prepares to destroy their competition, one can find eighth graders, KC DeSarno and Ellie Acosta, arguably the most stereotypical newbies. Next, you may pass the team’s two freshmen, Stephanie Clarfield and Jaclyn Denicker. Then you may spot the six sophomores, Emma Blennau, Emily Yagoda, Jayda Rubino, Katie Gold, Alyssa Belle, and Alex Horowitz, who are the victims of cruel jokes. The ones making fun of them would be the six juniors, Emily Schiesser, Cecilia Jozef, Ivonne Objio, Joanna Signorile, Maddie Rick, and Sami Williams, and four seniors, Nicole Hetzel, Jessica Hastings, Kristen Tursi, and Katie Clark. Although the seniors barely show up to class due to major senioritis, they make sure to wake up from their afternoon nap just in time for games and practices. You may be wondering how we have so many players when only nine girls are on the field at one time. The reason we have a slightly larger team is due to the fact that there is no JV team. Although some may see this as a disadvantage, it has helped our team tremendously because we now have many girls willing to learn and play new positions. Last year, our varsity softball team won the Nassau County Class B Championship. Our current goal this year is to defend that title and give new players a chance to experience the feeling of winning the County Championship. Be sure to come support the team at all of the home games this season!

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