Wisdom Teeth Removal: A Survivor’s Guide

“Wisdom teeth removal”, the horrid phrase that many will hear during their Junior or Senior year.  While it requires surgery, and sometimes anesthesia, the stigma surrounding it is worse than the procedure itself.  But to make you experience the least pain, follow these steps from a survivor.

  1. The Earlier the Better

It is simple: the earlier you get your wisdom out, the less painful it will be.  When the roots fully develop on the nerves, it is very painful to remove the wisdom.  So, as soon as your dentist mentions getting your wisdom teeth out, do not be afraid and go for it.

  1. Timing is Everything

The best time to do have your wisdom teeth removed is during a school break so you have the most time to recover.  However, if you do not want to spend your vacation recovering then definitely get the surgery done on a Thursday or Friday.  This is because you will have the weekend to rest, as you will not feel 100% better after a day or two. Additionally, you should not be resuming daily activities if you are still on the painkillers.

  1. Get All Four Out at Once

It sounds terrible, but just do it.  If you only get two out, you are never going to want to go back to get the other two removed. Just get through all the pain one time rather than having to suffer twice. In other words, one and done!

  1. The Medicine Will Not Make You Crazy

Everyone says that after you get out of surgery, the medicine will make you do crazy stuff.  While you will feel loopy and tried, you will be aware for the most part about what is going on.  As you look back you may forget periods of time after surgery but you will remember a series of events.  However, there will still be videos of you right out of surgery and half asleep.

  1. Ice Cream is Everything

The days after your surgery will involve a lot of ice cream.  Even if you are not in pain, you still will not be able to really chew for a few days.  So, anything that is soft will be all you can eat ,especially if you are swollen. And you WILL be swollen.  Hello chipmunk face.

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