Review of the Apple Watch Series 4

By Siddhi Jain and Kavin Shukla

For many years, one of Apple’s most popular products is the Apple watch. Series 1-3 has shown great success, with more than 8 million watches sold. Apple has sold more watches than Rolex, Swatch, and other Swiss companies combined. Now, they have released the new Apple Series 4, which was announced on September 12, 2018. At the cost of $330, the new watch is a great investment.

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The watch has a larger screen and is slimmer than any other Apple watch previously made. The speaker on the watch has 50% louder sound than older versions. The microphone is much better, resulting in better sound quality.

For years, Apple has industrialized their market in terms of their technology for health. They have been able to measure heart rates, steps, and other fitness components. However, Apple has not stopped improving and adding to the health section of their watch. One of the newest features is that the Apple watch can detect when someone is falling and if the person stays on the ground for a long period of time the watch is programmed to assume that an emergency has happened and can call for emergencies. Also, with health, the watch is able to sense heart rates and advise the person to take a medication, talk to a physician, or take a walk if their heart rate is too high or too low. The watch is able to measure Electrocardiograms (ECG) and is able to advise you for further medical needs. The Watch has an S4 chip, meaning that it is twice as fast than past versions. The battery life has improved to about 18 hours of life, making the watch much more efficient.

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The new Apple watch Series 4 is a great watch that, as always, comes in two sizes, 40mm and 44mm, the edges and the bezels are rounded so that it will increase the pixel density and display area. It has GPS and LTE, and the person can decide which one they want to buy, or they can just buy both. Its Bluetooth for the new watch is Bluetooth 5.0, as opposed to Bluetooth 4.2 that was in Series 3. The Apple watch is slightly thinner and is powered by the latest 64-bit dual-core S4 processor and comes with an electrical heart sensor for measuring ECG.

So is the Apple Watch Series 4 actually worth the cost? I think that it is fair to say that it is. It is a good investment if the person wants to carve out the money. The features of the watch have improved from the Series 3 to Series 4. As always, Apple’s technology. have gone beyond recognition, and they still continue to dominate the watch market.


Dear Siddhant Jain and Kavin Shukla,

The prices of these recent iPhones are completely ridiculous, I’m not the happiest with my iPhone 8 right now because it seems as if the features of new updates are to much to handle for the phone. In my opinion $749-$899 for the XR is reasonable, but $1000-$1500 for the XS and XS max is just ridiculous. “The iPhone XS has really developed and revolutionized the camera with a better rear camera, autofocus, recording, and more settings to finesse the photo.” Along with a better camera, the XS is bigger than the XR, having the dimensions of 143.6 x 70.9 x 7.7 mm. Including a bigger phone, it has a better LED screen quality and longer battery life, this makes Apple able to raise the price up a few hundreds of dollars. These are the features listed in your article and I believe that if a phone is going to cost around $1,500 dollars then it should have more features included into the device other than just camera updates, screen quality, and longer battery life. I think that if Apple is going to demand $1500 for a phone then they should make the iPhone have easy accessibility and more features so that you can do even your most important work through your phone. One idea I’ve had for Apple is a mode where you can draw on documents with an Apple Pen so that you can highlight your most important thoughts and inquiries throughout your work.

Overall, this article was very informative and I thank you because this has helped me come to a final decision that I should wait for a new iPhone to come out because it seems as if these new iPhone’s don’t have any new special features that are worth paying up for in my opinion.

– Marcus

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