Us Movie Review

Us, an American horror film directed by Jordan Peele, has became an instant fan-favorite. Peele produced the film with Jason Blum and Sean McKittrick. The trio were brought into stardom for their previous collaboration, Get Out.

The movie begins with a young Adeline Wilson at a carnival with her mother and father. As her parents fight throughout their family trip, Adeline finds herself walking to the beach by herself. Her parents, too caught up in their own drama, don’t even notice she’s gone. She drifts into a seemingly harmless house of mirros with a blinking Find Yourself sign. As she steps inside, she becomes frightened and wants to leave. She begins to whistle to herself, as a calming technique, to help her find her way out. However, the Exit sign is illuminated on all of the mirrors.

Suddenly, Adeline stops in front of one mirror and finds her reflection has its back turned on her. Curious, she watches and waits. Her reflection moves and smiles back at her. This event traumatizes Adeline Wilson for her remaining childhood and even adulthood. After her parents found her, they claimed she was never the same.

Throughout the film, Peele opens your eyes to the unsolved mysteries of the world. This ranges from our “evil clones” to the thousands of abandoned tunnels that lay below us. He forces viewers to think about every detail in the movie, making connections as the movie plays. Jordan Peele is truly the movie-mastermind of the century.

Overall, the movie was more than enjoyable; it was fantastic! Everything was so planned out. Symbolism was stitched into every aspect of the movie. I honestly never knew what would happen next, which I don’t think I have ever experienced watching a movie. It is refreshing to watch a movie full of new ideas that have never been shown before. It is different from any other film I have watched, ever. I can’t wait to see more from Jordan Peele, Jason Blum, and Sean McKittrick. This trio is truly dominating the film community.


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