Sermon: Gun Violence

By: Isabella Roudbai

It is a shame to think that nowadays in the United States, it is unsafe to go anywhere or do anything without the fear of becoming a victim of gun violence; an exponentially growing issue in our country. It is a shame to hear that for many students, any sound remotely related to gunshots, like a car backfiring, or a slammed door, makes them jump out of seats in sheer panic. It is a shame that parents can’t help but worry about their children’s safety during the school day when they should be worried about their child’s grades, their attitudes, or where they go on the weekends- not their physical well-being in school.

What I do not understand, is how anyone could be against the only solution to end this crisis. But, since this is the case, one of my greatest concerns is that the children of our generation and beyond will not be entitled to the very rights that every other generation could enjoy: our right to live. That is, only if these ignorant politicians keep selfishly denying the validity of our privilege. They claim we are in danger, and that there are solutions. We deserve the freedom of safety and to live in a nation where those rights cannot be taken away.

This is why the 2nd Amendment right must be preserved, especially from those snowflake liberals. How else are we supposed to protect ourselves without our semi-automatic rifles? Haven’t you ever heard that the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun? God knows nothing bad ever happens in these types of situations. And absolutely nothing could go wrong if you leave it up to armed teachers to defend their students; it’s the only logical way to stop school shootings. Say some kids are fighting and one pulls out a stick. Asking if guns are efficiently protective is like asking if you would leave the other kid defenseless or give him a stick too. According to our Constitution, he can have one, and I shall refuse to live in a country that denies that he, or anyone, bears that right. And just because there are a few sick individuals who use guns for harm doesn’t mean that the rest of our rights should be infringed upon: the right to bear arms is our right to live and breathe. 

Although it is unfortunate that there are a select amount of poor mentally ill people who feel the need to use guns to take out their anger on others, we should go easy on them. Maybe they were bullied, or played too many video games. Besides, guns don’t kill people; people kill people, so banning guns would never work. As responsible and horrific as their actions are, that doesn’t mean the government and some libtards should have the power to take away a part of our natural rights.

For anyone who proposes that there should be restrictions on our precious guns, just think about how much money gun manufacturing companies would lose at the cost of leaving good civilians defenseless. Instead, as a way to end this significant nation-wide issue, the government should step back and leave it in the hands of its people. This is a democracy right? Let’s get bulletproof windows, titanium doors, arm teachers, arm guards, use ID tap-ins, get metal detectors, use a single-entrance point, participate in lockdown drills, move the desks, block the doors, buy bullet-proof backpacks for our six-year-olds, stop wearing light-up sneakers, leave the doors shut and locked, increase security, go through bags and trunks of cars, know escape routes, take video games off the shelves, blame mass shootings on minorities, kill unarmed people who threaten our safety, keep a bucket of rocks in our classrooms, and text our parents and loved-ones goodbye and that we love them. Because that’s so much easier right? Only a few simple precautions we have to take to end gun violence and ensure our safety everywhere we go: because automatic rifles and massive firearms are far more valuable than human lives, and it’s more important to earn money off of their sales than it is to save students. Sounds like the only logical plan to me. 

We, as students and educators, who spend five days a week in a school building, should recognize and be aware of what’s going on around us in this world. There are scary people out there who are trying to take boomer’s guns away and leave us helpless in the case of a shooting; but not to worry- with the NRA advocating for our right to bear arms, we still have some way to put up a fight and finally end gun violence. This could not be achieved by banning guns in total; people will always find a way to get them. In the meantime, we can prepare ourselves by remembering these three approaches: run, hide, and fight. Always have a plan, and always be prepared to climb out of a window.


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