The Evolution of Athletes

Football quarterback Tom Brady

With the boundless appreciation for sports that exists today, it would be nearsighted to neglect the extraordinary advancements that have occurred in sports science. With Tom Brady, a 43 year old quarterback, leading his team to his 10th Super Bowl and Lebron James, a 36 year old NBA superstar, coming off one of his greatest championship runs to date, it is hard to say sports technology hasn’t drastically improved.

Although it can be disputed that these athletes are mere freaks of nature—which they often are—they do not stand alone. 43 year old Floyd Mayweather boxing 25 year old Logan Paul within the month, Legend Mike Tyson making a comeback at age 54 to fight Roy Jones Junior (52), and star basketball player Vince Carter retiring at 43 are some of the many examples of the trend. The maximum sustainable yield on athletes’ careers has increased significantly throughout the ongoing revolution in sports science and sports medicine. Through statistical analysis, trainers have optimized training methods and strategies with information that was not even close to being available in the past. New blood tests can show what dietary supplements and regimes would have the body running at tip top shape, maximizing athletes’ potential through means that were impossible in the 20th century. 

At the turn of the century, American runners started experimenting with forms of altitude training. This brought forth positive effects on runners’ endurance. Other advancements can be seen in the field of physical training. Scientists now have a deeper understanding of human anatomy through the usage of revolutionary technology that allows them to study the body in more depth than ever before. New forms of laser technology can accelerate tissue regeneration, reduce inflammation, and even restore normal cellular function. 

As the technological revolution will rage on for years to come, expect the ages of professional athletes to increase with it and don’t be surprised when 50 year old Tom Brady is throwing a touchdown pass to win the Super Bowl even in 2028!

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