Showdown 2021 brings some joy in the Wheatley halls again in the midst of the pandemic!

It’s that time of year again! The craziness, the fun, and the teamwork are back in the Wheatley hallways as Showdown 2021 kicks off on Monday, April 12! Eighth graders, it’s one of the best weeks of the year and although COVID-19 may put a damper on some of the activities, the school still is planning fun filled activities for the week. 

To start, we have pajama day on Monday where you should come decked out in your favorite onesies, sweatpants, or any other sleep apparel! This day is also filled with the Simon Game Challenge for an opportunity to win bonus points and the extremely popular ping-pong tournament. These activities will be a great way to show school spirit and get involved in grade wide events! 

Tuesday is college apparel day so come to school wearing your favorite college or your future college’s sweatshirt, sweatpants, or any other merchandise that you can think of! The best dressed from each grade will win bonus points and class advisors wearing merchandise will also win bonus points. So, be sure to spread the word and come sporting your favorite college on April 13! The Brainstormers activity will also be taking place on Tuesday so be sure to show your support by signing up or cheering on your grade! 

The Wheatley Way

Next up, Wednesday brings Sports Day. Just in time for the opening day of baseball! Come into school wearing your favorite jerseys but don’t just stop at jerseys. Socks, hats, sweatpants and more will factor into bonus points for your grade! Activities include the Pi reciting contest to celebrate Pi day, somewhat delayed, and the famous Sudoku contest. 

Thursday is the infamous country western or country club day so come dressed in preppy clothes, clothes that you may find on a golf course or tennis club, or in cowboy apparel! The Scrabble contest will also be taking place on Thursday so be sure to show your support for the team members or be sure to join the fun by contacting your class officers!

Friday, the conclusion of Showdown, brings some sadness as the Friday Night Finale will not be happening this year. But, there are still many fun-filled activities to bring joy through the halls! Come dressed in your class color  by either buying a themed t-shirt for sale throughout the week in the lobby or wearing clothes that have your respective class’s color on them. The spirit assembly will also be taking place on Friday but it will be slightly different than previous years. This assembly will be live streamed on WSTV so tune in with your class to watch the assembly and support your classmates! Activities include the famous badminton tournament, the volleyball tournament, the dance competition, and the basketball game of Knockout! There is also Target Rock, a class advisors event, the spoon and egg relay race, the scooter relay race, the limbo contest, and the hula hoop contest! All in one day, how exciting

Although we said goodbye to some famous showdown activities due to COVID-19 restrictions such as the infamous puzzle activity and painting of the class banner that leads to inter-grade feuds, this showdown will still be unforgettable! The class spirit video is still happening, one of the best activities of showdown, so definitely tune in on Friday to see your grade’s video or contact your class officers to help out with the video!

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