2021 MLB World Series: 6 Game Thriller between Controversial Organizations

The 2021 World Series is one that will forever be reminisced upon. The series brought together two very controversial organizations. The Houston Astros, fresh off their infamous 2017 cheating scandal, and the Atlanta Braves, who were stripped of their ability to host the 2021 MLB All-Star game, faced off in a battle for World Champion status. The Astros resurfaced after facing backlash, returning to the World Series for the third time in five years. In 2017, The Houston Astros defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers for their first World Series Championship in program history. Houston’s champagne was spoiled after it was revealed that during the 2019 season the Astros cheated their way to World Series Rings. The team used everything from high-tech cameras to trash cans in order to steal signals from opponents. The 2021 Houston Astros roster still had many familiar faces from their 2017 roster, making it easier for fans to despise the team and root against the organization. The Astros were hungry this season recording a 95-67 record (first in the AL West), working to redeem themselves. The city of Atlanta was deprived of the 2021 MLB All-Star game after commissioner of Major League Baseball, Rob Manfred moved the game to Colorado following the passing of a Georgia law that restricts voting access in the state. The All-Star game would create many economic opportunities for local businesses because of the tourist influx with the All-Star weekend and its attractions. The Braves also face controversy regarding their name and their signature “Tomahawk Chop,” also known as “The Chop.” Fans partaking in ‘The Chop’ sing a distinct Native American war chant synchronized with the chopping motion of either their arms or a foam axe. The tomahawk chop was adopted by Braves fans in 1991 and the organization has won two World Series titles since.

The Braves were unproven after losing young star player, Ronald Acuña to a torn ACL, and role player Marcell Ozuna to domestic violence charges. By the trade deadline Atlanta had an even .500 record (54-54), rated as an average team, who were third in a mediocre division. After making huge additions to the team during the deadline including acquiring Jorge Soler, Adam Duvall and Eddie Rosario, it looked as though the team was ready to turn the season around, and they did so in a significant way. Following the trade deadline, the Braves recorded 44 wins and 22 losses allowing them to slide into the playoffs with the worst record of all contending teams (88-73). It’s safe to say that the Atlanta Braves were underdogs going into the 2021 MLB playoffs.

The Astros bulldozed their way through the playoffs with ease beating the White Sox and Red Sox in order to play in the World Series. The Braves defeated the Milwaukee Brewers in the National League Division Series with ease, but had a test of fate ahead. The Braves had to face the team with the second best record in all of Major League Baseball in order to face the Astros in the World series, the Los Angeles Dodgers. The Dodgers, who had the highest pay roll out of all Major League teams (237 million), put up a vicious fight, but the Braves prevailed. Pitting these controversial teams against each other in a battle for the ages.

After a thrilling series, the Atlanta Braves won their first MLB championship since 1995 in a six game series ending with commissioner Rob Manfred handing the World Series trophy to the city he deprived of All-Star weekend earlier in the year.

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