The Comeback of the New York Giants and Jets: Hope for our New York Teams?

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New York football is back. If you are a fan of the NFL, then you have probably noticed that this season is anything but normal. Our usual teams that make it on top like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Green Bay Packers are quickly falling behind, while our very own New York Giants and New York Jets are ahead of them.

Going into week 13 out of 18, the Giants have a strong record with 7 wins, and only 4 losses. They are performing so well they currently see themselves with a position in the playoffs. Their quarterback, Daniel Jones, who started back in 2019, has brought hope for New York to make a successful return in football. Working to improve the team is also their head coach, Brian Daboll, who began coaching for the team in early January of this year. Not only is this hope for us coming from this team though. The New York Jets’ quarterback Zach Wilson, and head coach Robert Saleh, who both began in 2021, have contributed to bringing the Jets to a current record of 7-4.

During these past few years, the Giants and the Jets haven’t had the best records, and both ended the season last year with only 4 wins and 13 losses. So this very unexpected and sudden winning streak for both teams has brought lot’s of joy to people living in New York, and even to students at Wheatley. But the success from both of these teams has not been easy. The Giants have had to face some tough teams, such as the Baltimore Ravens, but were able to defeat them. Another notable match was their victory against the Green Bay Packers, in London! The Jets also beat the Packers, as well as the Miami Dolphins, and the Buffalo Bills! But how exactly were they able to defeat these teams?

All of the victories that have been coming from both teams aren’t just because of who their quarterback or coach is, it has been a team effort. The commitment from all of the players in our two favorite New York teams have been the true reason behind all of the success.

Their games have become my favorite football matches to watch on the weekend, and even convinced me to purchase merchandise to represent my support for these teams. So let’s all try to wear our Giants or Jets apparel and show how proud we are for these underdogs to make such a great comeback in American football!

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