5 Things to do at Wheatley While Waiting for the Late Bus

It’s 2:26 and the dismissal bell rings, as you walk to your after-school activity you quickly realize you need a ride back. We’ve all been there. You frantically text your parents to ask them to pick you up at 3 but then the worst thing happens… they tell you to wait for the late bus. The dreaded late bus comes at 5:00 and none of your friends are kind enough to wait it out with you. With 2 hours to spare, here are 5 things you could do at Wheatley after school. For this article, I’ve invited my close friend Janet Tokhie to share her personal experiences.

  1. Do homework. This is the most productive way to kill time when stranded at Wheatley. However, let’s be honest. Who can truly get all their work done at school? Not Janet for sure. “I physically cannot do her homework at school. It’s a mental thing.”
  2. Go to the vending machines. With two vending machines in the school each packed with a variety of snacks, it’s a quick fix for boredom. The time restraints on the vending machines are unlocked by that time, so naturally, Janet has to pay the machines a visit. “Sometimes they lack options though, such as flavors in Gatorade. I know no one drinks grape Gatorade.” 
  3. Walk around. With barely any teachers in the halls, walking around our square-shaped school can be quite peaceful. As Janet says, “There’s also no teachers, so there’s no awkward hellos in the halls where my voice cracks.”
  4. Go to the bathroom. We all know those cracks in the stall doors freak us all out, so no wonder using the bathroom in solitude seems like a privilege. Janet likes to say that the bathroom can truly “feel zen” at late times.
  5. Pray on the downfall of bake sales. The market for bake sales here at Wheatley has become oversaturated. Towards the end of the week, students barely have any money left to spend. It’s become a daily occurrence for clubs or organizers of the bake sales to give whatever stock they have left to any students in the commons. This is not to promote circling the bake Sales like vultures, but every once in a while it will happen. Janet backs her hack with the statement, “I love to eat, and I’m a cheap person. Sometimes the bake sales don’t do well, so I pray on their downfall for a free brownie.” 

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