The Wheatley Theatre Company: Alice in Wonderland

Whether it was the collaborated sneezes or the frantic scribbling of the jury, it is without a doubt that the opening night of the Wheatley Theatre Company’s Alice In Wonderland was a success. For the past few months, Wheatley’s thespian community has come together to produce a dynamically whimsical Wonderland. 

This year WTC went above and beyond for their set and costume design. From the moment you step into the auditorium doors, you’re greeted by faux vines, shrubbery, and blooms of flowers. Mushroom-shaped lanterns adorn the auditorium walls, creating a warm, glowing atmosphere.  

As the lights dimmed and the audience settled down, a bright spotlight shone on the Cheshire cat, wearing a bright fur coat paired with striped tights. As spectators follow Alice down her fantastical journey through Wonderland, we are greeted by an assortment of characters all portrayed by various Wheatley students. This production, in particular, consisted of a majority of underclassmen students, soon to be the future of Wheatley’s thriving theatre program. It was definitely an uncanny experience to see the younger siblings of friends on stage as playing cards, flowers, and an arrogant egg sitting atop of a wall.

Flipping through the playbill, its interesting to see the familiar names take upon a drastically different persona under the stage lights. Main actors included Laila Hameedi (12) as Alice, Amany Abdelwahab (12) as The Queen of Hearts, and Maahir Kasliwal (12) as The King of Hearts. Outside of his costume of a crown and luscious long hair, Drama Club President Maahir Kasliwal can be seen frantically running back and forth to the stage, backstage, and the booth. It is evident that Maahir has put an intense amount of effort into the production of WTC.

Speaking of the booth, lights and sound were meticulously produced by Ace Shu (12), Ella Zhong (11), Lisa Chen (12), Charlize Kuo (10), Elson Zheng (10), and Sophia Zhong.

Alice and Wonderland brought the East Williston community together as friends, teachers, and family alike all came to show their support for the Wheatley Theatre Production. As the play came to a close, the actors ran out onto stage, hands interlocked, bowing their heads in success. Another successful play has come to a close, and it is certainly fair to say that the effort by these student actors has truly paid off. As the curtains close, we can only wait in excitement for the next play by WTC.

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