Catching up with Junior CeCe Jozef

In the fall you can catch her making incredible saves on the soccer field, in the winter she’s running up and down the basketball court, and in the spring she’s hitting softballs all over the diamond. If you don’t already know her, let me introduce you to Cecilia Jozef, better known as CeCe. CeCe is one of those rare athletes that can do it all!

This year CeCe was asked to play goalie for the Varsity soccer team even though she had only played goalie a few times before in previous years. In fact, CeCe did not even want to play goalie. She decided to take one for the team and agreed to play the position. Even though she had barely any experience, CeCe became an incredible goalie, making insane saves throughout the game. Her athleticism and skill saved the soccer team in multiple games allowing the team to capture the title of County Champions. When not in the goal, CeCe plays defense and can be caught jumping up and heading the ball, though she never forgets to wear her concussion guard headband. Her fantastic soccer season allowed her to gain All-Class recognition and she won the Unsung Hero award at the Fall sports awards. CeCe also plays soccer for the New Hyde Park Lady Jaguars outside of school.

You might not know that CeCe is a music and broadway fanatic and she can be found wearing her Fifth Harmony and Fletcher T-shirts to soccer practice and around the halls of Wheatley. Some of her favorite artists include Fletcher, Tori Kelly, Kehlani, and Fifth Harmony. This year she attended seventeen concerts. She has attended about twenty-six concerts so far, quite an impressive number for someone who is only a junior in high school. She also loves to see broadway shows. She liked Wicked and enjoys listening to the soundtrack from Dear Evan Hansen which she was lucky enough to get tickets to see. You may also see CeCe in the audience of the Wheatley auditorium, as she loved last years production of Xanadu which she saw each time it was performed at school.

In addition to her athleticism and ability to make a great playlist, CeCe excels in academics. Her favorite class she has taken so far is AP Psychology and she favors the sciences. Her passion for children and babies fuels her interest in being a pediatrician. In her free time, she enjoys watching Netflix and catching up on sleep since she has to balance both athletics and academics. Although she is a fierce competitor on all of her sports teams, CeCe is incredibly sweet and smart and is always willing to lend a helping hand. CeCe is a leader and a role model on and off the athletic fields!

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