Crazy Rich Asians Review

In the world we live in today, one lesson we are always told by our elders is “never forget where you came from.” In my opinion, there isn’t a better movie that conveys this message than Crazy Rich Asians. Rachel Chu, an average Chinese-American economics professor, fell in love with someone who she didn’t know at the time was one of the biggest shots in Singapore, otherwise known as Nick Young. After dating for about a year, Nick invites Rachel to travel to Singapore with him, to celebrate the wedding of a friend. She also gets a chance to do what one might fear most in a relationship: meeting the parents. On the trip to Singapore, Rachel learns the truth about Nick’s family and how they are huge developers and is informed that they are almost like the “Trumps” of Singapore. Rachel welcomes Nick’s family and friends with an open heart, receiving equally generous reactions from almost everyone she meets. However, through some eyes, all Rachel is and will ever be is “a low-class immigrant” or a “gold digger.” Nick’s mother, Eleanor, along with a few others are set on making her feel that she doesn’t belong and isn’t what Nick deserves.

I viewed this movie as an ultimate love story but definitely not one that you would find while scrolling through Netflix. I found it to be truly inspiring. Through all the hate that Rachel received, she stayed strong. Eleanor may have made a few comments that really got to Rachel, but all in all, Rachel did not let one person define who she was. Throughout the movie, she stood up to Eleanor when no one else did, and got Eleanor to own up to who Rachel really was and not just her image. She showed Eleanor that she was a well-educated Chinese-American, who is destined to be with her son, yet still understands the importance of family.

Nick, an extremely kind-hearted character, didn’t fail to surprise me when he chose the love of his life over his mother, who is constantly reminding him of his heritage and how Rachel doesn’t “fit”. Rachel was viewed as an American at heart and not Chinese, but Nick did not care. He loved Rachel for who she was and not who his mother made her out to be. Both Nick and Rachel stayed strong through all of their hardships, only falling in love more and proving his mother wrong. The filmmakers did an amazing job creating what in my opinion is the epitome of a “modern” couple in today’s world. They went against what is seen to be as staples in their culture and did what was for the best. They have shown the world that it isn’t a crime to go against your own family and their values when you can make your own values and decisions and write your own future.

Overall, I loved this movie and I know that it will be one that I will rewatch from time to time. I found it to be the epitome of a great romance, blended together with a showing of one’s heritage. I had a great time not only following along with this amazing storyline but also learning about a new culture and their values. I found it incredible how this movie touched upon some of the realities of the real world in a way that, in my opinion, was done in an unprecedented manner. It showed some of the sad mentalities along with true love and happiness, and I believe that this story will inspire people all over the world. Ultimately, it is true that we should “never forget where we came from”. In addition, we also shouldn’t forget that everyone deserves a chance which Rachel received from Eleanor after much difficulty. Though Rachel and Nick went through a lot, it was all worth it because, in the end, they were able to get their happily ever after.

Crazy Rich Asians: 5 out of 5 Wildcats



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