Girls Varsity Tennis Update


This fall, the Wheatley Varsity girls tennis team has had a fun and exciting season with great playing from all the girls! The season started in September, and the team didn’t start off at their best, but with each match, the girls continue to improve their playing and teamwork. The seniors on the team have been able to keep the team spirit alive in the matches by supporting everyone. This year, there are ten seniors on the team, and the three captains are Sarah Chimerine, Brooke Schwartz, and Charlotte Goldbaum. The other seniors are Jessie Nussdorf, Mara Zuckerman, Alex Delgais, Nicole Buchheim, Maddie Rick, Marista Kanes, and Michelle Rosen. Juniors Kaya and Kavina Amin play first and second singles respectively, and Ilana Nimkoff, Megan Kaye, and April Garnock join the Amin sisters in the group of juniors on the team. The three sophomores, Ryan Bogan, Marcella Kanes, and Anika Mittle, have been a great addition to the team as they have produced great results.

Everyone can already see the improvement the team has made over the past few years. Our homecoming match was a great match and opportunity to showcase the team’s talent as Wheatley claimed a 5-2 win over Friends Academy. Even though there were many close matches and tiebreaks, the team was able to support each other and pulled out a victory over a tough team. Coach Virgilio is in his third year coaching the team and has helped the team improve in their consistency and volleys in matches. After the great wins the team has had over Glen Cove, Locust Valley, Friends Academy, the season looks like it will end on a high note. The team record is now 7-5 and hopefully, the girls will be able to pull out a couple more wins in the last few matches and possibly make the playoffs. The team is very sad to see that the ten seniors will be leaving the team, but they are looking forward to a great season next fall!

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