Jewish Penicillin: The World’s Best Chicken Soup

We have entered the dreaded, sneezy, sniffling, nose-blowing flu season. Rather than blowing your nose, you should be blown away by this recipe: my mother’s famous chicken soup. This soup, otherwise known as “The Jewish Penicillin,” is a nutritious, antioxidant, antiviral fluid that will rid you of any of your annoying symptoms of sickness.

The recipe is as follows: (Let me note that the measurements in this recipe are approximate so when in doubt just make an inference and the soup should turn out okay.)

1) Fill a big pot with water, half way. Add some kosher salt, a whole chicken, and one package of chicken wings.

2) Let the soup boil and clean off the top of the pot.


  • As the soup boils, some “dirt” will flow to the top of the pot. This needs to be continuously scooped off the top of the pot. Do not add the vegetables until this “dirt” stops appearing.


3) Add 14 carrots, 14 pieces of celery, one onion, a tablespoon of olive oil,  garlic, one parsnip, and one turnip.

4) Place a handful of parsley and a handful of dill  in a cheese cloth on the top of the soup and change the setting on the stove so that the soup goes from boiling to simmering.

5)Let the soup cook for 4 hours.

6) Let the soup cool and strain all the vegetables from the soup and take out the chicken.

7) Get a big container and put a strainer on top and strain out all the soup.

8) Make a package of noodles or rice and serve with the delicious chicken soup!

Try this if anyone in your family is sick and watch their quick recovery!


One thought

  1. You need to clean the chicken before you boil it, with these instructions you are essentially cooking the chicken in dirt water. Chicken should be cleaned with something acidic such as lemon or vinegar with some water before cooking. Also as you stated about adding salt to the water, the seasoning is being lost by scrapping out the dirt, so I highly suggest cleaning the meat beforehand, just to also ensure the health of others; and adding your desired seasoning after.

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