The Cold-Pressed Juice Craze

With more and more people looking to become more health conscious, cold-pressed juices have become more popular than ever because of the essential vitamins and minerals they provide. These organic juices allow people to get their fruits and vegetables in their body easily, so they can get the energy they need. There has been a growing demand for these juices because of the numerous benefits they have including weight loss, energy boosting, body detoxification, and rejuvenation. Drinking these juices have become a new trend and the market has expanded since they were first introduced.

Cold-pressed juices were first introduced into the market around 2013 and quickly gained popularity with celebrities and health conscious individuals. Cold-pressed juices are different than regular juices because they are made by separating the fibers in fruits and vegetables without the use of any heat. They are made using a hydraulic press and this uses extreme pressure to extract juice from these plants. When you make cold-pressed juices no additional oxygen and heat are used, so the nutrients aren’t lost. Heat can cause the loss of significant vitamins and enzymes including vitamins B and C. Vitamin B is known to assist in metabolism and increase neurological function, while vitamin C, can lower your blood pressure and help your body fight diseases. In addition, oxidation of juices is another reason why cold-pressed juices are popular. When you allow too much oxygen in the process of making a juice, it allows for degradation. This means that the nutrients slowly escape from the juice and everything you think you are getting from these fruits and vegetables is quickly lost.

One example of a popular place in New York City with cold-pressed juices is Pressed Juicery. Three friends created this company around 2010 because of the positive impacts the juices had on their healths and well-beings. The place has a great menu with numerous juices, freezes, and healthy snacks. Their juices are categorized into roots, fruits, refreshers, blends and even premium waters. Some of their interesting juices include the Apple Lemon Ginger Cayenne juice, the Vanilla Almond juice, and the Blue Lemonade juice. They have grown very popular because they, “use an extra measure of food safety called high pressure processing for their cold-pressed products.” In 2015, the UCLA School of Medicine, stated, “Pressed Juicery products are in general dense in nutrition, low in sugar, yet high in fiber and are a sensible way of consuming calories.” With many great juices and lots of variety in their drinks, Pressed Juicery has become a popular business with numerous locations around the United States. So the next time you’re looking for a great, nutritious, and tasty drink, try cold-pressed juices!

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  1. I never knew that when cold-pressed juices are being made, additional oxygen and heat are forbidden to avoid losing the nutrients. I’ve been wanting to try out cold-pressed juices because I’ve been hearing a lot about its good benefits. Maybe it’s time for me to try one, I just have to find a legit supplier of this.

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