Adam Kownacki Wins After Two Rounds With a Knockout



Nicknamed “Baby Face,” Adam Kownacki is a 263 pound Polish-Amercan professional boxer. According to Ring Magazine, he is currently ranked the ninth best heavyweight in the world. He grew up in Lomza, Poland and started training at 16 years old. Currently he has 19 wins and 0 losses.  

Saturday night, January 26th, “Baby Face” made an appearance in the Barclay Center in his hometown of Brooklyn with Polish fans cheering him on from every angle. The amount of red and white in the crowd was breathtaking. With all this support, it took Adam Kownacki two rounds to score a TKO against Gerald Washington. After the event Kownacki let the crowd know what’s coming; “Watch out, man — The first Polish heavyweight champion of the world,” Kownacki told the media.

So what’s Kownacki’s next goal? Well, in the crowd Saturday night was WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder. After that fight on Saturday, there is a possibility that Wilder might lose his title in a match with “Baby Face.” Kownacki said he would love to get in the ring with Wilder: “I hope I get that fight. I hope I get a chance to prove myself.” Kownacki’s manager and advisor, Keith Connolly, said there’s hope we will be seeing them fight sometime in 2019!

Kownacki couldn’t have fought better on Saturday night. The whole crowd went crazy and Kownacki proved himself yet again. One thing’s for certain, don’t let that “Baby Face” fool you –  Adam Kownacki is the real deal!

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