The Power of Snapchat Discover

In 2017, it was found that approximately 3.5 billion Snapchats were sent each day. It’s an app that has become ingrained in our culture, allowing constant communication through photos, videos, and written messages across the globe. It may not always be the most efficient way to spend your time, but there’s a little feature that may make your use of the app just a little more meaningful.

Each day, hundreds of websites, companies, and newspapers create shortened versions of stories through video clips and small articles. You can read just about anything in under ten minutes, from recipes to celebrity gossip to political commentary to quizzes that tell you what kind of fruit you are. All of this information is available for free on the Discover page, located conveniently on an app that most of us use frequently. For me personally, I have found my niche in the New York Times Discover page. With my breakfast each morning, I am able to read 3-5 short articles, watch a video clip, and do a crossword puzzle all straight from the Times. It’s the perfect, digestible way to know what’s going on in the world around me. It is impossible to imagine not being able to find your interest on this page, as there’s even celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Mackenzie Ziegler that post daily updates on their lives.

As teenagers, we don’t get exposed to the real world or experience our interests as often as we’d like, as we are tied down to school and our homes. Snapchat Discover provides us with the outlet to quickly and conveniently look at the world through our own lense. You can stay updated without having to sit and read articles for hours, which most people don’t have the time for. It is the perfect solution for any student who wants to stay involved in the world and their interests from the comfort of their bed during the ten minutes they have before the bus comes!


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