Showdown 2019 Breakdown: What to Expect

It’s that time of year again and tensions are at an all-time high for Showdown 2019. For the 8th graders out there, Showdown is a week devoted to  smack-talking all other grades and vying for a fifteen dollar trophy under the guise of “school spirit.” Each school day is filled with several different events ranging from “Build a Mascot” to “Ping Pong Tournament” to “Brainstormers.” There is also the Tuesday Assembly and Friday Night Finale. More details can be found in Dr. Feeney’s email of this year’s Showdown schedule.

Each class selects a theme for their grade every year. Let’s meet them now.

8th grade: Men in Black

Ah, our wonderful, ever-shrinking eighth graders collapsing under backpacks half their size and weight. This year, they have elected Men in Black as their theme, secret agents that come by to wipe our memories. Maybe this year will be a Wipe Out instead of a Black Out? But for whom is the question?

The eighth graders seem to think it’s going to be them, seeing as traditionally they have toted the philosophy of “let’s just try our best this year.” The other grades also seem to think it will be them, but never forget the Black Wave that was the five-year victory by the Class of 2004, starting with their unprecedented eighth grade triumph over the rest of the school. Who’s getting wiped out this year?

9th grade: Mike Wazowski

A choice riddled with universal ridicule and bemusement by the other grades: Mike Wazowski—the giant bipedal eyeball that doubles as a clumsy sidekick. Historically, sidekicks rarely get to bask in victory, often being overshadowed. Aptly, the motto of the freshmen has been, at least for the past five years, “not last,” a philosophy befitting the sidekick role. But really, who knows?

10th grade: Mr. Krabs

A beloved icon from our childhood years: the penny-pinching Mr. Krabs. Perhaps not the most fearsome mascot, but certainly a shrewd one as a self-made millionaire. Tenth grade is typically the year when classes start trying and just about everyone knows what Showdown is: a time to team up with the seniors in an effort to take second place over the juniors. But make no mistake, Mr. Krabs could snatch the Showdown trophy away at any moment, if the other grades don’t pay attention. Let’s see what happens this year.

11th grade: Sonic

The juniors have selected Sonic the Hedgehog, speed demon and multi-time savior of the time, as their theme this year, a truly fearsome choice. The 3’3” hedgehog may be small but sure packs a punch. The hedgehog is also known for his overly-brazen, cocky, and dismissive attitude that has gotten him into much trouble in the comics. Not much else can be said of the speedster except slow down or you might trip.

12th grade: Pikachu

What is gottagofastttt compared to the speed of lightning? Not fast enough. The seniors are Pikachu this year, the universally appealing ball of joy and electricity that has continually shocked us, again and again, time and time again. What desperate lengths will the senior class go to to win Showdown this year? Seniors are known for coming out of the slumbering state of senioritis for the sole purpose of winning Showdown, expending all energy stored up from hours spent sleeping in, skipping school, and slacking off in class in this one-week period to make even this adorable creature one of the most terrifying competitors this year.

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