Varsity Revue 2019!

Lights, camera, action! Combining both satire and entertainment, another amazing Varsity Revue performance took place on Saturday, January 26th, in Wheatley’s auditorium. In what has become an annual tradition, the class of 2019 rose to the occasion with funny skits, dances, and performances.  

As the auditorium began to fill up, there was a definite sense of excitement that filled the room. At 7:30pm, the lights went down, and the two hosts, Ciara O’Brien and Grace McPhillips, came to the podium to start the highly anticipated event. Keeping the audience engaged through the whole show, they made references that ranged from airpod memes to Wheatley’s very own inside jokes. The famous Instagram egg even made an appearance. It was pretty eggsquisite, if you ask me! The crowd thought it was eggcellent too. The main acts performed as follows:

1) Make it a Great Day Speech

Johnnie Scudero took the audience back to their North Side memories reminiscing on Mrs. Rose’s classic lessons on dirt making our lunch. He ended his monologue with the iconic, “Make it a great day… or not, the choice is yours.”

2) Wheatley Gym

This performance featured the winner of the most eminent award at Wheatley, the gym student of the year award, Matt Kreitzer. The rigor of Physical Education, as well as the students’ enthusiasm, was on full display.

3) Spanish Teachers Over the Years

Each Spanish teacher has their distinct teaching methods at Wheatley. Whether it’s Principe with her bell, chancla, and power, or it’s Martinez, who is always energetic no matter what time of day it is, this act had the audience laughing hysterically.

4) KPOP Dance

Participants: Kenton Wu, Amanda Kim, Kristen Leong, and Amanda Kim








5) Cheerleading

Participants: Dina Aldad, Sarah Hernandez, Abigail Smichok, Michelle Smichok, Danielle Smichok, Alexandra Levine, Emily Blumberg, Ashley Kopp, Emma Pak, Lauren Druz, Cathy Li, Brittney Guerra, Jasmine Singh, Brooke Christman, Chloe Yadegar, Shruti Goyal, and Kendall Krasinski









6) Mock-umentary- Not so secret life of Wheatley Students

7) Varsity Dance Team

Participants: Juliana Cangemi, Paige Barrett, Madison Puricelli, Catie Whitley, Sami Williams, Nada Al-Okla, Hannah Weinberg, Deshna Chordia, Cydney Siskind, Emma Khafif, Ashley Roit, Arielle Rokhsar, Eliana Li, Frances Kalpakis, Meghan Fraser, Ellie Acosta, Bari Bergstein, Nike Oshodi, Dani Avila, Ryan Steinberg, Giuliana Sampogna, Sabrina Daniailan, Laken Pomerantz, Madeline Linenauer, Samantha Gallo, Ryan Bogan, Savannah Silva, Brenda Zhong, Jaime Fuller, Becca Ostad, Sarah Ostad, Sophia Moezinia, Ana Daniels, Kate Seo, Catherine Zhang, Avani Rambharose, and Ariella Rayhan.









8) Limbo Skit

Teachers at Wheatley showed their true colors through the classic game of limbo.









9) Thank yous

There’s so much to be thankful for while reminiscing on our past years at Wheatley. This skit was inspired by the segment “Thank You Notes” from The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. Cece Jozef made sure to include thanking the PTO for being more excited for school events than the actual students, as well as thanking Antonio from iBagel for single-handedly feeding our entire grade.









10) Boys Varsity Dance Team

Participants: Vedant Singh, Kenton Wu, Mahesh Pitchayan, Anthony DiFiore, Dustin Wong, Karan Amin, Anthony Giunta, Jacob Ribotsky, Matt Kreitzer, Tony Deluxe, Ben John, and Zac Schloss.


Full dance can be viewed at the link below:

Varsity Revue ended with a montage looking back at the pictures of some of the most memorable memories the Class of 2019 have shared in the past.


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