Calm in a Click

After a stressful day, I confided in a friend while trying to calm myself down. She introduced me to Clear Fear, a free app designed to ease anxiety through relaxing your physical and emotional responses to it. Developed by Dr. Nihara Krause, a clinical psychologist, the app uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to alleviate users’ stress. With endless specific categories and activities for types of help, forms of anxiety, and coping techniques, there is something for every situation. And the bonus is that every activity is guided by cute little cartoon characters, there to ride along beside you and encourage you. The app even allows you to add contacts of people you know you can go to, to remind you of the support system you have. It also provides a space to journal and record your feelings and what helped you while you felt them. It is an extremely useful app for anyone, whether you struggle with an anxiety disorder or just took a difficult test. Clear Fear, along with many other similar self-care apps, are available on the App Store. For more information, visit


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