The 5 Stages of Wheatley

8th Grade:

Oh, the start of Wheatley! Sure you might be a foot shorter than some seniors, but you can still make an impact here. Have fun getting used to Wheatley’s square-shaped building, constant bake sales, and Fiji Water-filled vending machines. Trust me, do not fret just yet about the Algebra Regents: it is months away. Honestly, enjoy these first years of high school before they’re gone. Don’t expect to win showdown, of course. You can try, but keep your expectations low!

9th Grade:

Welcome to (real) high school. While at most “normal” schools, freshman year is a big adjustment—new building, new faces, new wake-up time—Wheatley, as always, seeks to break tradition, so we do things a little differently here. Without the struggles of adjustment, try to make friends in different grades. They will have a huge influence on your high school experience. Enjoy the official beginning of high school—you still have many years to go. You did really well in showdown last year, yay, but watch out!

10th Grade:

It’s kind of awkward to be in the middle, but good too.You may be able to join SWS this year. At the end of sophomore year, you’ll be 60% done with Wheatley but still have 40% left to go. You might be taking AP classes, but you’re not taking the SAT or ACT just yet. You are only two years younger than the seniors, but still only two years older than the eighth graders. Embrace the interim. The end is nearing, but there is still plenty of time to take advantage of Wheatley’s opportunities and make new friends. You will try mightily to win showdown, but it’s not gonna happen.

11th Grade:

Welcome to junior year! Although notorious for being high schoolers’ worst year of all, filled with Drivers Ed, APs, SATs, APs, ACTs, more APs, college visits, and volunteering, try to sleep. As someone who has survived it, if you just remain calm and keep going, I promise you will live. However, you will never make it out with your sanity if you do not remember to relax. Cherish the time with your friends, as it is your last year before the end. You might win showdown…MIGHT.

12th Grade:

Well, you made it. Senior year is a double-edged sword: you have off-campus privileges, promposals, and yearbook but it also comes with Naviance, college applications, early decision, rolling admissions, and secret 1st choice colleges. I wish I could give you some advice, but I’m still trying to figure this out myself. We will win showdown though, right?2014-03-21-22-14-29_dvd.original.jpg

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