What to do during quarantine

During this time of chaos, it is important that we keep ourselves occupied in order to cope with the unknown realities. Think of quarantine as a time to improve yourself and do things you never had the chance to try, including the following: 

  1. Online shop.
  2. Go for a walk.
  3. Watch a movie.
  4. Make a Tik Tok.
  5. Trying baking/cooking.
  6. Do some yoga/meditate.
  7. Pick up an instrument.
  8. Complete a puzzle.
  9. Start a blog.
  10. Read a book.
  11. Play a board game.
  12. Organize your room.
  13. Listen to music.
  14. Draw/paint something.
  15. Get crafty.
  16. Learn something new on YouTube.
  17. Stop procrastinating and finish your homework.
  18. Get some sleep.
  19. Donate to people in need. 
  20. Find a way to help others cope with Covid-19
  21. Facetime your friends and family.
  22. Spend some time with your loved ones.

Remember to keep yourself busy, have fun, and always, be positive!

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