Take a Virtual Trip to Paris!

Paris – France

With spring break just around the corner, it’s almost time to put down your school-related stress and simply relax. And what better way to do that than starting a new show! Especially since most of us will be enjoying the time off from the comfort of our couch, finding something binge-worthy can settle your urge to travel. 

I recommend traveling virtually to Paris through the show Emily in Paris, available on Netflix. Starring Lily Collins, this romantic comedy will make you want to hop on the next flight to Paris. Join Emily, a junior executive at an American marketing firm, on her journey to Paris, where she is charged with bringing an American perspective to a French marketing firm. In a city as beautiful and luxurious as Paris, it is hard to complain. But a non-French speaking American girl trying to teach her French colleagues the ins and outs of Instagram can be quite frustrating. Nevertheless, whether it’s traveling to a chateau, strolling through the narrow streets of Paris, or attending an A-list party in front of the Eiffel Tower, Emily will always keep you wanting more. And let’s not forget her complicated love life involving her next door neighbor who also happens to be her friend’s ex!

Bringing an American perspective to French branding turns out to be an obstacle for Emily with her “proud cultural ignorance,” as described by the Hollywood Reporter. The show has been highly criticized for stereotyping Parisians and romanticizing the city of Paris. Some even describe it as “mocking.” As someone who has yet to travel to Paris, I can say that the show did seem to be exactly what I expect Paris to be, but that’s what made it so entertaining.

With all that said, I still enjoyed the show to the fullest.  Not to mention, the unique outfits and beautiful scenery compelled me to keep watching. While I do agree that the show may have glorified Parisian cliches, it is still a great watch!

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