Stephanie Young, Lunch Patrol

Written by Aribeth Gu:

A poised figure struts gracefully around the perimeter of our Wildcat-branded cafeteria. Our organically shaped lunch tables are scattered throughout our rectangular lunchroom. The same rectangular lunch room transforms into a catwalk for our fashionista lunch aide.

Known for her thick-rimmed glasses and bold statement pieces, she brings a pop of color and excitement to Wheatley. Stephanie’s presence inspires Wheatley students, being a breath of fresh air to the mundane life of Long Island suburbia.

The Wildcat: Why did you come to Wheatley?

Stephanie: I’m a retired NYPD officer, and I just wanted something else to do.

The Wildcat:  How do you enjoy Wheatley so far?

Stephanie: It’s nice. The students are nice and the people are nice. I’m enjoying my time here.

The Wildcat: What is one thing you would like students to take away from your life experiences?

Stephanie: Wow, WOW. I never really thought about that. I don’t know, I just try to live the best life I can. Life is short. A lot of my years I’ve spent just working, working, working, and going to school. Learning the value of life, especially when you see how short life is when dealing with the public. Things that happen to people on a daily basis, so just appreciate your life and enjoy it, because life is short.

Especially as students at such an academically rigorous high school, I think we can all take away from Stephanie’s experiences and live life to our best. Her optimistic outlook on life and welcoming demeanor give us all a friendly face to look forward to greeting throughout our day.

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