Hey guys, guess who it is! HINT: It’s not Gordon Ramsey, it’s not Guy Fieri, and it’s not Dave Portnoy… It’s www.aussie.org!

Written by Aribeth Gu:

Taking Wheatley by storm, famed food connoisseur Autumn Casella has racked up quite the following on her food critic page, /www.aussie.org.  With 25.4k likes, the highly exclusive and influential account takes a unique approach to the field of culinary evaluation. The Wildcat was given a rare opportunity to interview the brains behind the operation, Ms. Casella.

/www.aussie.org: My name is Autumn Casella, thank you for having me.

I heard you are a raving food critic, and have critiqued every shop here on Long Island. Care to tell us a little about your life as an influencer?

/www.aussie.org:  I live a pretty normal life daily, I go to school most of the time (when I’m feeling it). But I specialize in doing drink reviews anytime I go to an establishment. Some examples and personal favorites are Starbucks, diners, Shake Shack and Bagel Cafe. I’ve also gone to peculiar places such as Erewhon. I follow a lot of the trends, so I do share my opinions on them.

As a representative of Wheatley and the Wheatley Wildcat, how do you feel about our school’s cafeteria? Give it a rating.

/www.aussie.org:  So, this is not bash our school but this is more of a critique. I think the food is a little bland due to the need for healthy options such as wholegrain Pop Tarts and Fat-Free Ice Cream. I think there should be homemade food like Mrs. DeAngelo told us they did years ago. They used to home-cook meals here, I think we should bring that back because they would be sure to get a 10/10 rating on my review account.

From what I hear, your rating process comes from all different areas. You take personal accounts such as from DeAngelo herself, and your personal expertise. Can you tell us more about your rating system? Below is a step-by-step process /www.aussie.org uses to conduct her critiquing process:


  1. To begin my review, I start off with my introduction “Hey guys guess where we are.. HINT it’s not…” 
  2. Then I list all of the places I reviewed in the past such as, “It’s not Emmas Sweet 16, it’s not the Wheatley school, it’s not Kung Fu Tea, it’s not Starbucks” 
  3. I list all of the places I have been in the past, and then if it’s a new location, I say “New location unlocked. We’re at: (then I list the location).” 
  4. I take one sip and rate it out of 10. I don’t really do any calculations, I do it all on the spot. I don’t delete it ever, it’s very authentic, and I will never redo it. 

It’s similar to Dave Portony’s One Bite. But I am not like him. I take One Sip.

I’ve realized you also incorporate a lot of guests!! Could you say who has been your favorite guest, or which types of guests are your favorite? 

/www.aussie.org: A lot of the time you’ll see some guests who are frequent reviewers. A lot of the time it’s my friends but then we’ll also get appearances from random people and teachers. I’m hoping to get Mr. Wiener in one of these drink reviews. I think I might’ve gotten random people… I’m trying to branch out these drink reviews because I want to talk to the people. People might care about my opinion, but I care about everyone’s opinion. 

Spoken like a true politician, in fact, I hope this interview inspires Wiener to come and join you for your food/ drink critique reviews.

/www.aussie.org:  Yeah I really hope he does. Mr. Wiener, if you’re reading this, please please inquire about joining me for one of my drink reviews

Do you have any ideas or concepts you would like Mr. Wiener to try with you?

/www.aussie.org:  So I’m thinking the next time there is a sale, such as boba tea sales or Class of 2025 sales in the lobby. I think we should try a drink together and hear his rating.

2023 Casella Wiener Klapper collab. Let’s make a girl’s dream come true! Email wienerJ@ewsdmail.org to advocate for the collab of the century.

/www.aussie.org is not just a drink review account, it’s not just a spam account. It is a safe haven for the students of Wheatley to explore various cuisines. Casella uses her newfound fame to advocate for quality food for all that stumbles upon her page. Through humor, she finds the power to voice her authentic opinions for the masses to see. Her drink reviews draw in viewers, but her dedication to transparency and quality enthralls them to stay.

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