By Karan Amin, Mahesh Pitchayan, and Vedant Singh

Mr. Schwalm is a man of many talents; he’s the whole package. Schwalm is a family man, an avid podcast listener, and a meditation guru. Schwalm wakes up in the early morning on the right side of the bed. Never a day passes where he doesn’t make his daily run before school. Schwalm is also known to feature as a guest player in your gym class. Schwalm will join your pick up game to break your ankles and easily weave his way to the basket. He skillfully and gracefully parts the court like the sea and without any doubt, lays in an easy basket every time. In class, he transforms the dullest and most complicated concepts into enlightening discussions or tangents. One can never leave his class disappointed. These memes were made in Schwalm’s deserved honor. Butane, Schwalm. Butane.

Schwalm Starter Pack




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