Nutritional Snacks to Eat When Studying

For most of us, studying for tests is extremely stressful and nerve wracking, especially if you are cramming your studying because you have waited until the very last day! Eating some sweet, unhealthy snacks can sometimes relieve this stress. Instead of filling your body with unhealthy foods, it is important to eat foods that enhance your brain function. There are some healthy snacks that can help you concentrate, stay calm, and help you remember information to ace the test! Green tea, figs, and popcorn are three great things to try when studying!

When studying, we all want something to hydrate ourselves, and sometimes water isn’t enough, but green tea is the perfect option! Green tea is a great drink because it’s tasty and also it is a great alternative to high caffeine options. First used in the early Chinese culture, it is now one of the healthiest drinks to have. This is because of its many medicinal benefits and the fact that it boosts concentration, reduces anxiety, and improves your brain function. It is better than other types of tea because it is made from unoxidized leaves and is one of the less processed types of tea. Green tea has the most antioxidants and beneficial polyphenols. Green tea doesn’t have the caffeine that coffee has so it will not make you feel jittery. The taste is surprisingly good, with the tea packets ranging from 10-15 grams of sugar. Green tea is sold in coffee shops: Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, but stores also sell bottled green tea, single tea bags, loose-leaf tea packs, and even instant powder.

Figs are another great snack to try when you are studying. They are from a flowering plant that is native to parts of the Middle East and western Asia. Figs are full of fiber, so they maintain high energy levels and help keep hunger at bay. With a high percentage of dietary fiber, this snack also keeps your system regulated and helps with weight management. Figs also have a large content of zinc, which naturally improves your mood, reduces tiredness, improves concentration, and boosts your spirits. Figs are a great alternative to highly sugary snacks because of the many health benefits. It will also satisfy your sweet craving, without filling your body with unhealthy sugars. You can eat figs raw or buy dried figs from many health food stores. Dried figs do have about ten grams more sugar, but they are known to have a higher vitamin and mineral content. You should definitely try this snack the next time you are craving something sugary, especially while studying!

Popcorn is the last snack that you should try during your study time. It is so great because it’s crunchy and fulfills your salty cravings. Popcorn is surprising healthy because it has a lot of fiber and folic acid. Scientists have even found that popcorn has more polyphenols than some fruits! Popcorn also has a lot of whole grains and carbs that help boost your energy when studying. The only issue with popcorn is that people tend to put on way too much butter and salt, which negates the health benefits this snack provides. Instead, you can put some olive oil and a pinch of salt in your popcorn. It is better to have air popped popcorn instead of microwave popcorn because of the Diacetyl and other compounds that are used for the “artificial butter flavoring.” Microwave popcorn is known to cause lung diseases and suppress immune function in children. As long as you reduce the butter and salt you add to your popcorn, this can prove a healthy snack to enjoy while studying. So the next time you are studying for a big test and want some snacks that are healthy and tasty, be sure to try green tea, figs, and popcorn!

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