21 Environmental Fighters

The newest generations are not happy with the lack of government focus on climate control. Ms. Olson, an environmental attorney, is helping children and young adults sue the Trump Administration over the lack of initiative in controlling climate change. If all goes as planned, Ms. Olson will deliver her opening argument on Monday in a landmark federal lawsuit against the Trump administration for 21 different children and adults, ages 11 to 22. The young adults/children claim that the government’s actions, and inaction, in the face of global warming, violate their “fundamental constitutional rights to freedom from deprivation of life, liberty, and property.” Their age is central to their argument. They claim that for older Americans, “the potentially catastrophic effects of climate change are a problem, but ultimately an abstract one. Today’s children, however, will be dealing with disaster within their lifetimes.” In other words, older adults tend to take the situation lightly because it will most likely not affect their future. Younger people obviously have their entire life ahead of them which is predicted to include many natural disasters. However, climate change is threatening the safety and security of all of our futures. It is truly inspiring that the new generations are brave enough to take action in these situations. Their overall argument is that the government needs to become more educated in various topics of discussion and become more active in these situations. These 21 young adults/children are potentially shaping the future of our country.

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